Internal Rainmaker Email

Rainmaker Securities provides its registered representatives with access to FINRA compliant email through its domain There are several ways to access your email account:

  • Online Outlook Client


    2. Enter your Microsoft credentials

    3. Click "Mail"

  • Desktop Outlook Client


    2. Enter your user name and password

    3. Click "Install Office 365"

    4. Execute the installation file

    5. Find and execute the Outlook application on your computer

    6. When prompted, enter your Microsoft credentials

  • Mobile Outlook Client

    1. On your phone, go to the your phones app store (e.g. Apple App Store or Google Play)

    2. Download the Outlook mobile application

    3. Find and open the Outlook application on your phone

    4. When prompted, enter your Microsoft credentials

External Email Monitored by Rainmaker

If you do not wish to use the Rainmaker Securities email domain, you may use an external email account. However, your account must be monitored to remain in compliance with FINRA regulations. We use a service called Global Relay, which will keep an archive of every email sent or received by the account. In order to use an external email account  you must provide the following information, so we can setup email monitoring:

  • The email address

  • The email account password

  • The email domain server host name or IP address

Email Signature Block Disclaimer

Whether using an internal or external email account, your email signature must include the following disclaimer:

"DISCLOSURE: Rainmaker Securities, LLC (“RMS”) is a FINRA registered broker-dealer and SIPC member. RMS representatives are supervised from the RMS registered branch office located at 4643 Lindell Blvd. Suite 908, St. Louis, MO 63108. RMS is engaged by its clients to make referrals to buyers or sellers of securities. If such client closes a securities transaction with a buyer or seller so referred, RMS is entitled to a success fee from the client. Such success fee may be in the form of cash or in warrants to purchase securities of the client or client’s affiliate. It is not uncommon for RMS or RMS representatives to hold equity in its issuer clients or in the issuers of securities purchased or sold by the parties to a transaction.

This communication does not represent an offer or solicitation to buy or sell securities. Such an offer must be made via definitive legal documentation by the buyer or seller of securities. RMS deals only in securities offered in private placements (“Securities”). The Securities are not approved or disapproved by the SEC or any other federal or state agency. No regulatory agency has endorsed the accuracy or adequacy of this communication or any offer or solicitation to buy or sell the Securities.

Only investors that qualify as “accredited investors” - as defined Rule 501(d) of the Securities Act of 1933 - may invest in the securities. Investments in the Securities are speculative and involve a high degree of risk . An investor in the Securities should have little to no need for liquidity in the foreseeable future and should be able to withstand the loss of the entire investment. Potential buyers or sellers of the Securities should seek professional counsel prior to entering into any transaction."


Call Forwarding & voicemail

We use a VOIP service for call forwarding and voicemail functionality. You will be assigned an extension number in the following form:

  • (888) 333-1091 [extension number].

The extension number will forward calls from the Rainmaker Securities main line to the phone number of your choice. If a caller leaves a voicemail, the voicemail will be mailed to your designated email account as an attachment.

Conference Calling & Webinars

We primarily use a service called for our conference call line. Each representative has their own conference line. Uberconfernce can also be used to set up a webinar using its screen sharing function. To set up an uberconference call:


  2. Click "Sign Up"

  3. Click "Sign Up with Office 365"

  4. Enter your Microsoft credentials

  5. Dial the conference line number

  6. Enter the PIN number when prompted

  7. Once you have signed up, you can simply login to uberconference for subsequent uses

If you need an international dial-in for clients outside of the United States, please contact us to schedule the use of our international conference line.


Securities Related

The website homepage must include the following language with links:

A website that includes a profile of a registered person must include the following language with link:

Non-Securities Related

A website that does not relate to the offer or sale of securities does not need to include the foregoing language, however its existence must still be disclosed to Rainmaker Securities.

Business Cards

Standard or Non-Standard Cards

We can provide FINRA compliant Rainmaker Securities business cards free of charge. However, if you are conducting business under a different brand name, you must submit the card to the CCO for approval prior to use via the advertising review. A FINRA compliant business card contains the following information:


  • Address of branch office

  • "Securities offered through Rainmaker Securities, LLC. All other services/products are offered by [Insert Brand Name], which is not affiliated with Rainmaker Securities & is solely responsible for the products/services offered."

  • Prohibited Designations: CSA, CFG, CSFP, SEPS, RIS

  • Must meet FINRA advertising content standards.

rainmaker securities business card, signature matte finish (16pt Stock)

rainmaker securities business card, signature matte finish (16pt Stock)