Industry News Update – Week of 12/18/2017:

Last week, Spotify's valuation rose to $19 billion after a series of private trades. This latest valuation is $3 billion higher than Spotify's last valuation that occurred in late September in a previous series of similar private trades.

Target bought Shipt, a grocery delivery startup, for $550 million to offer same-day grocery delivery to compete with Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods.

Airbnb plans to provide virtual reality previews (360 photos and 3D scans) of its’ rental listings to assist users in finding suitable lodging accommodations.

SpaceX is getting closer to having a fully reusable rocket as the company recently launched a reused Dragon on top of a reused Falcon 9.

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“Airbnb Wants To Offer Virtual Reality Previews Of Rental Spots"


"Target Is Acquiring Instacart Competitor Shipt For $550 Million To Fight Back Against Amazon"


"Spacex Launches A Reused Dragon Atop A Reused Falcon 9 For The First Time"


"Spotify's Valuation Has Jumped As High As $19 Billion In Advance Of A US IPO, Sources Say"