Industry News Update – Week of 6/19/2017

Last week, Uber’s CEO, Travis Kalanick, took a leave of absence for an indefinite period since Uber has undergone a string of scandals marked by sexual harassment issues, several instances of past and ongoing litigation and inappropriate management culture. Travis will return to the company in a limited role.

Blue Apron’s IPO price is expected to be between $15 and $17 and the company plans to raise roughly $500 million.

Airbnb acquired Trooley Inc, an identity verification company, to assess whether Airbnb users are "bad actors" based on social media and public records databases.

Slack is raising $500 million and is expected to be valued at $5 billion. The company also received a bid from Amazon to be purchased for $9 billion. 

SoFi filed for a bank charter to provide its users with credit cards and FDIC insured NOW accounts.

Spotify partnered with Eventbrite to recommend events to its users based on their music interests. Spotify also reached a major milestone on June 15, 2017 by reaching 140 million total active users (roughly 50 million are paying users while the remaining 90 million are non-paying users).

The news articles and links presented below are available for your reference.


"Airbnb To Buy Background-Check Startup Trooly To Root Out Scams"


“Blue Apron prices IPO at $15-$17 per share to raise $500M”


"Slack Is Reportedly Raising Another $500 Million — And Amazon, Google, And Microsoft Might Try To Buy It"


"SoFi Officially Files For A Bank Charter Of Its Own"


“Spotify Now Has 140 Million Active Users"

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“Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Takes Leave Of Absence"