Industry News Update – Week of 9/25/2017:

Last week, Uber’s operating license was withdrawn by the City of London after London officials cited Uber’s failure to address serious crime and perform thorough driver background checks. Uber’s new CEO drafted an open letter to the London officials that addresses outstanding issues and mistakes the company has made to advocate Uber’s petition asking for a reversal of its license withdrawal. London is a large market for Uber as the city represents roughly 5% of Uber’s userbase.

In its ongoing lawsuit with Uber, Waymo is asking for $2.6 billion from Uber for the theft of its autonomous vehicle design files. The trial is expected to start on October 10th 2017.

Didi Chuxing invested $200 million in, used cars company, to provide Didi’s mobile app users with access to second-hand vehicles. 

SpaceX has officially named its low-cost satellite Internet network ‘Starlink’ and is actively hiring skilled professionals for this project.

Pinterest is beta-testing its new Sections feature which allows users to divide their boards into various subcategories. This new feature is intended to assist Pinterest users organize their pins.  For example, a user with a board composed of recipes can places their pins in the Salad, Soups, Dessert and Pasta categories.

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