Industry News Update – Week of 2/5/2018

Last week, Airbnb's CFO left the company. Additionally, Airbnb decided to prolong its IPO plans until after 2018.

Adyen signed a deal with eBay to become the company's primary payment processing provider, with eBay citing Adyen’s more robust suite of payment tools as compared to PayPal, eBay's old payment processing provider.

Slack added Target, BBC, and E*Trade to its roster of more than 150 customers that use its enterprise platform.

The Information revealed that Buzzfeed held acquisition discussions with NBCUniversal last summer but the deal was speculated to have not progressed due to lack of agreement on purchase price.

Uber and Waymo's autonomous vehicle lawsuit is expected to go to trial on February 5th 2018. Waymo asked that Uber pay $1.4 billion for the theft of its autonomous vehicle design files.

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