Private Equity Market Making


We create a liquid marketplace for buyers to transact in the securities of select late stage private (non-listed) companies. In doing so, we help buyers address the information problems, restrictions, and transparency issues characteristic of transacting in private securities, and help sellers achieve liquidity of hard to value and difficult to sell assets.

Private Equity Capital Formation

We assist corporate issuers and fund product issuers in capital formation, by providing offering preparation services and financial strategy advisory services, and by providing our issuer clients with access to our broad network of institutional, corporate/strategic, family office, and high net worth investor clients.

Private Corporate M&A

We advise corporate private issuers on sale preparation, and run sale processes for private companies seeking exits via M&A. We provide our broad base of strategic/corporate investor clients with a selective and well vetted portfolio of unique acquisition opportunities.

“Rainmaker Securities was founded with the vision to help private issuers of equity and debt raise capital and find exits . . .”

- Glen Anderson, President & CEO